Courts, Democracy and Governance.  Special Issue of Comparative Political Studies


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Inclusion, Exclusion, and the Politics of Rights Mobilization in the Experiences of Asian Americans (2012) Michael W. McCann Asian American, Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization
Facilitating Diverse Political Engagement with the Living Voters Guide (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Political Communication
Coercive Capacity and the Prospects for Democratization (2012) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics
Criminalizing Big Tobacco: Legal Mobilization and the Politics of Responsibility forHealth Risks in the United States (2012) Michael W. McCann American Politics, Health Policy, Legal Mobilization
The Logic of Connective Action: Digital Media and the Personalization of Contentious Politics (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication
Should We Take Seriously the Conservative Communitarian Critique of Rights? (2012) Michael W. McCann Civil Rights, Political Theory
Getting Ahead in the Communist Party (2012) Christopher Adolph Comparative Politics, East Asian, Political Economy, Political Methodology
Mosques as American Institutions (2011) American Politics, Civic Engagement, Religion
Self-Reliance and Complicity: Emerson’s Ethics of Citizenship (2011) Jack Turner III American Politics, Political Theory, Civic Engagement
Values in Land: Fiscal Pressures, Land Disputes, and Justice Claims in Rural and Peri-Urban China (2011) Susan H. Whiting East Asian, Political Economy
The Wellsprings of Candidate Emergence: The Distinctive Origins of Statewide Candidates (2011) Rebecca U. Thorpe American Politics
John Locke, Christian Mission, and Colonial America (2011) Jack Turner III American Politics, Political Theory
Rethinking Advanced High School Coursework: Tackling the Depth/Breadth Tension in the AP US Government and Politics Course (2011) John D. Wilkerson American Politics, Education
W. E. B. Du Bois as Political Philosopher: A Symposium on New Books by Gooding-Williams and Balfour (2011) Jack Turner III American Politics, Political Theory
Comparative Studies of Policy Dynamics (2011) John D. Wilkerson Comparative Politics
Voluntary Environmental Programs: A Comparative Perspective (2011) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Charity Watchdogs and the Limits of Information-Based Regulation (2011) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics, Global Studies
The Tea Party in the Age of Obama: Mainstream Conservatism or Out-Group Anxiety? (2011) Christopher Sebastian Parker American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
The Two Limits Debates: "Limits to Growth" and Climate Change (2011) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of America (2011) Megan Ming Francis American Politics
Regional Integration (supranational) (2011) James A. Caporaso Political Science
Digital Media and the Personalization of Collective Action: Social Technology and the Organization of Protests against the Global Economic Crisis (2011) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Environmental Politics, Media Studies, Political Communication
Narratives and Network Organization: A Comparison of Fair Trade Systems in Two Nations” (2011) W. Lance Bennett Political Communication
Do Natural Resources Fuel Authoritarianism? A Reappraisal of the Resource Curse (2011) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Political Economy
Multiple Engagements and Network Bridging in Contentious Politics: Digital Media Use of Protest Participants (2011) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication