Evaluating the Criminal Justice Approach to Human Trafficking in Taiwan

Goehrung, Ryan. "Evaluating the Criminal Justice Approach to Human Trafficking in Taiwan." Forthcoming at Journal of Human Trafficking, 2020.

This article evaluates the extent to which Taiwan's efforts to curtail human trafficking has been effective. It examines arrest, prosecution, and sentencing data on nearly 3,000 human trafficking cases from 2009 to 2018 to determine whether or not the Taiwanese model, successfully deters human trafficking within its borders. Overall, I find that this model, driven primarily by law enforcement efforts, is only moderately successful. While this criminal justice driven approach to human trafficking is effective in addressing the most severe cases of foreign sex trafficking, it is much less effective at deterring labor trafficking and less egregious forms of sex trafficking. The article concludes with an exploration of potential immigration reforms that might better situate Taiwan and other similar states to more effectively address this pandemic.

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