Courts, Democracy and Governance.  Special Issue of Comparative Political Studies


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Legal Mobilization, Transnational Activism and Gender Equality in the EU (2013) Rachel A. Cichowski European Politics, European Union, Gender, Global Studies, Legal Mobilization, Women Studies
The Critical Linkage Between Online and Offline Media: An Approach to Researching the Conditions of Issue Spill-Over (2013) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication
Mobilization, Litigation and Democratic Governance. (2013) Rachel A. Cichowski Comparative Politics, Law and Society, Legal Mobilization
Hind Ahmed Zaki and Ellis Goldberg. “After the Revolution: Reflections on the Rule of Law in Egypt” (2012) Hind Ahmed Zaki, Ellis Goldberg Law and Society, Middle Eastern Politics
Dictators as Founding Fathers: The Role of Constitutions in Autocracies  (2012) Victor Menaldo Latin American, Law and Society
Symposium on Thomas McCarthy’s Race, Empire, and the Idea of Human Development (2012) Jack Turner III American Politics, Gender, Political Theory, Race and Ethnicity
Comprehensive Mediation and the Function of Local Courts: An Investigation of Land Disputes in Two Hunan Counties (2012) Susan H. Whiting Courts, East Asian, Political Economy
The Geographic Distribution of the Federal Stimulus of 2009 (2012) Rebecca U. Thorpe American Politics
Textual Predictors of Bill Survival in Congressional Committees (2012) John D. Wilkerson American Politics
Tradeoffs in Accuracy and Efficiency in Supervised Learning Methods (2012) John D. Wilkerson Education, Science and Technology
Trade Competition and Environmental Regulations: Domestic Political Constraints and Issue Visibility (2012) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Incentivizing Self-Regulation: Federal vs. State-level Voluntary Programs in U.S. Climate Change Policies (2012) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Media Independence and Trust in NGOs: The Case of Post-Communist Eurasia (2012) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics
From Norms to Programs: The United Nations Global Compact and Global Governance (2012) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics, Global Studies
Allocation of Authority in European Health Policy (2012) Christopher Adolph European Politics, Health Policy
The Myth of the Myth of Rights (2012) George Lovell Civil Rights, Human Rights, Law and Society
No Peace Without Injustice: Hobbes and Locke on the Ethics of Peacemaking (2012) Jamie Mayerfeld Political Theory
The Political Economy of Reforms in Kenya (2012) James D. Long Africa, Area Studies, Political Economy
The Maastricht Treaty at Twenty (2012) James A. Caporaso European Politics
Going Global: Reflections by an American Fellow Traveler (2012) Michael W. McCann Courts, Global Studies
The Personalization of Politics: Political Identity, Social Media, and Changing Patterns of Participation (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication
If You’re Against Them You’re With Us: the Effect of Expropriation on Autocratic Survival (2012) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics
Expanding the Horizons of Horizontal Inquiry into Rights Consciousness: An Engagement with David Engel (2012) Michael W. McCann Civil Rights, Political Theory
Supporting reflective public thought with considerit (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication
The Middle East and North Africa’s Resilient Monarchs (2012) Victor Menaldo Africa, Comparative Politics, Middle Eastern Politics