Courts, Democracy and Governance.  Special Issue of Comparative Political Studies


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
How Voluntary Environmental Programs Reduce Pollution (2017) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Public Policy
Do Donors Reduce Bilateral Aid to Countries With Restrictive NGO Laws? A Panel Study, 1993-2012  (2017) Aseem Prakash International Relations, Public Policy
Ökonomie sticht Ökologie? Programmatische Reaktionen der grünen Parteifamilie als Folge der globalen Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise (2017) Niko Switek East European, Environmental Politics, European Politics, Political Economy, Political Science, West European
Reducing Toxic Chemical Pollution in Response to Multiple Information Signals: The 33/50 Voluntary Program and Toxicity Disclosures (2017) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Do Government and Foreign Funding influence Individual Donations to Religious Nonprofits?: A Survey Experiment in Pakistan (2017) Aseem Prakash Religion, South Asian
Do Economic Problems at Home Undermine Worker Safety Abroad?: A Panel Study, 1980-2009 (2017) Aseem Prakash Labor, Political Economy
Will You Trust Me?: How Individual American Donors Respond to Informational Signals Regarding Local and Global Humanitarian Charities (2017) Aseem Prakash International Relations, Political Communication
The hidden subsidies of rural prisons (2017) John-Paul Anderson, Rebecca U. Thorpe, Emily Christensen American Politics, Crime and Criminality, Law and Society, Political Science, Public Policy, Punishment, Race and Ethnicity
At Issue: Ethnicity, Violence, and the Narrative of Genocide: The Dangers of a Third-Term in Rwanda (2017) Ryan Goehrung Africa, Ethics, Human Rights, Minority and Race Politics, Political Science, Race and Ethnicity, Violence and Trauma
The Politics of Central Bank Appointments (2017) Caitlin Ainsley Game Theory, Political Economy, Political Science
"The Shanghai Effect: Do Exports to China Affect Labor Practices in Africa?" (2017) Christopher Adolph, Aseem Prakash Africa, Global Studies, Labor
Inside the Europarty: Research at the junction of party politics and European integration. (2016) Niko Switek European Politics, European Union, Political Science, West European
Join the Club: How the Domestic NGO Sector Induces Participation in the Covenant of Mayors Program (2016) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics, Environmental Politics, European Union
Hands Off My Regime! Governments’ Restrictions on Foreign Aid to Non-Governmental Organizations in Poor and Middle-Income Countries (2016) Aseem Prakash International Relations, Political Economy
Regulation by Reputation: Monitoring and Sanctioning in Nonprofit Accountability Clubs (2016) Aseem Prakash Global Studies, Political Economy, Political Science
Corporate Environmentalism: Motivations and Mechanisms (2016) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
The EU Effect: Does Trade with the EU Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Developing World? (2016) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, European Union
The European Court of Human Rights, Amicus Curiae and Violence against Women (2016) Rachel A. Cichowski Human Rights, Law and Society
Democracy, Elite-bias and Redistribution in Latin America (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Latin American
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Why The Eurozone Will Survive (2016) Kevin Aslett, James A. Caporaso European Politics, European Union, Political Economy, Political Science
Race and Politics in the Age of Obama (2016) Christopher Sebastian Parker African American, American Politics, Political Science
Capital in the Twenty-First-Century—in the Rest of the World. (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Political Economy
The Fiscal Roots of Financial Underdevelopment. (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Latin American, Political Economy
 Increasingly unequal? The economic crisis, social inequalities and trust in the European Parliament in 20 European countries. (2016) Beatrice Magistro European Union, Political Science Online Disclosures by U.S. Nonprofits (2015) Joannie Tremblay-Boire, Aseem Prakash Political Economy