The Promise of Human Rights
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U.S. Foreign Policy in Perspective book cover
Law, Politics & Society: State of the European Union (Oxford University Press, 2003) (with T. Börzel)
Judicial Review


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Responding to Globalization (2000) Aseem Prakash Political Economy, Public Policy
Coping with Globalization.  (2000) Aseem Prakash Political Economy, Public Policy
Greening the Firm: The Politics of Corporate Environmentalism (2000) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Political Economy, Public Policy
Gender and Policy in Comparative Perspective (2000) Rachel A. Cichowski Comparative Law, Gender, Legal Mobilization
Western Dreams, Eastern Realities:  Citizen Support for the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe (2000) Rachel A. Cichowski East European, European Politics, European Union
Globalization and Governance (1999) Aseem Prakash Political Economy, Public Policy
New Weapons / Old Problems: Conventional Proliferation and Military Effectiveness in Developing States (1999) Christopher Sebastian Parker International Security
A New Hope for Young Workers in Turkey (Completed/published) European Politics, Labor, Social Movements
A New Era for Labor Activism? Strategic Mobilization of Human Rights against Blacklisting (Completed/published) Filiz Kahraman European Politics, Human Rights, Labor, Legal Mobilization
Review of "What’s Gone Wrong? South Africa on the Brink of Failed Statehood," (Completed/published) Kiku Huckle Africa, Political Psychology, Political Science
Review of "Political Hypocrisy: The Mask of Power, from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond" (Completed/published) Kiku Huckle Political Psychology, Political Science


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Mothers and Fathers in Parliament: MP Parental Status and Family Gaps from a Global Perspective (2020) Ryan Goehrung Comparative Politics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Global Studies, Political Science
The Politics of Climate Change Adaptation. Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2018) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
How Voluntary Environmental Programs Reduce Pollution (2018) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Racial Capitalism and Law: The Interdependence of Liberal and Authoritarian Legalities in Comparative Perspective (2018) Filiz Kahraman Comparative Politics, Law and Society
The Fiscal Roots of Urban Bias  (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics
Images that Matter: Online Protests and the Mobilizing Role of Pictures (Forthcoming) Nora Williams Political Communication, Quantitative Methods, Social Movements
European Court of Human Rights: The Evolving Jurisprudence and Current Challenges (Forthcoming) Filiz Kahraman European Politics, Human Rights

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
“Finding the Connection Between Religious Affiliation and Latino Structural Assimilation: an exploration into the effects of congruent political self-identification" (In progress) Kiku Huckle American Politics, Latino/a Studies, Political Psychology
“Con la Ayuda de Dios, Los Latinos Participan: A Study of Identity, Religion, and Latino Political Participation" (In progress) Kiku Huckle Latin American, Political Psychology, Religion
"Do Churches Help Politically Socialize Immigrants? An Examination of the Political Attitudes and Engagement Levels of Mexican Immigrants Living Near Places of Worship" (In progress) Kiku Huckle Immigration, Religion