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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Elinor Ostrom (2012) Aseem Prakash Political Science
Allocation of Authority in European Health Policy (2012) Christopher Adolph European Politics, Health Policy
Private Voluntary Programs on Climate Change: U.S. Federal Government as the Sponsoring Actor (2012) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
War and African American Citizenship, 1865-1965: The Role of Military Service (2012) Christopher Sebastian Parker American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
Trade Competition and Environmental Regulations: Domestic Political Constraints and Issue Visibility (2012) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Incentivizing Self-Regulation: Federal vs. State-level Voluntary Programs in U.S. Climate Change Policies (2012) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
A Subjective Assessment of Veterans Health Care: From the Veteran's Point of View (2012) Christopher Sebastian Parker American Politics, Health Policy
Media Independence and Trust in NGOs: The Case of Post-Communist Eurasia (2012) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (2012) Christopher Sebastian Parker American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
From Norms to Programs: The United Nations Global Compact and Global Governance (2012) Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics, Global Studies
Aligning Rights and Interests: Why, When, and How to Uphold Labor Standards (2012) Christopher Adolph, Anne Greenleaf, Jennifer Noveck Human Rights, Labor
This is Not Civil Rights: Discovering Rights Talk in 1939 America (2012) George Lovell American Politics, Civil Rights
The Political Economy of Reforms in Kenya (2012) James D. Long Africa, Area Studies, Political Economy
Review of John Hagan’s ‘Who Are The Criminals? The Politics of Crime Policy from the Age ofRoosevelt to the Age of Reagan (2012) Megan Ming Francis American Politics, Crime and Criminality
The Maastricht Treaty at Twenty (2012) James A. Caporaso European Politics
No Peace Without Injustice: Hobbes and Locke on the Ethics of Peacemaking (2012) Jamie Mayerfeld Political Theory
Politics, a Definitional Discussion (2012) James A. Caporaso Political Theory
U.S. Courts Reject Accountability for Torture (2012) Jamie Mayerfeld Comparative Law, Human Rights, International Relations
Thinking Like a Planet: Integrating the World Food System into the Earth System (2012) Karen Litfin Environmental Politics, Global Studies, Sustainability
The Myth of the Myth of Rights (2012) George Lovell Civil Rights, Human Rights, Law and Society
Criminalizing Big Tobacco: Legal Mobilization and the Politics of Responsibility forHealth Risks in the United States (2012) Michael W. McCann American Politics, Health Policy, Legal Mobilization
Supporting reflective public thought with considerit (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Media Studies, Political Communication
If You’re Against Them You’re With Us: the Effect of Expropriation on Autocratic Survival (2012) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics
Measuring Humanity: Rights in the 24th Century (2012) Michael W. McCann Human Rights, Law and Society, Media Studies
Facilitating Diverse Political Engagement with the Living Voters Guide (2012) W. Lance Bennett Civic Engagement, Political Communication