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POL S 500 A: Political Research Design and Analysis

Meeting Time: 
M 1:30pm - 4:20pm
MGH 085
Caitlin Ainsley

Syllabus Description:

This is a first course in research design for conducting research in the field of political science.  Students will learn the fundamentals of the scientific method and, through effective research design, how to improve causal inference and the measurement of political phenomena.  Topics include the fundamental problem of causal inference, experimental \& quasi-experimental research, historical case analysis, regression discontinuity designs, matching and instrumental variable techniques, as well as research ethics and transparency.  A primary goal of the course is for students to understand the most common ways political scientists seek to discover causal relationships and be able to evaluate the advantages & disadvantages of alternative techniques.  

In addition, the course also contains an introduction to professional aspects of political science that pertain particularly to young scholars beginning their doctoral studies.  Special attention is given to the writing and publication processes as well as how to engage with and contribute to existing research communities.  

Catalog Description: 
Major quantitative methods of empirical research in political science. Primary emphasis on research design, data collection, data analysis, and use of computers.
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June 30, 2022 - 9:58pm