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Spring Course Soc Wf 495 - Global to Local: Supporting Community Based Refugee Programming

Submitted by Caterina Rost on March 1, 2017 - 10:24pm

Are you a student who wants to grow your own awareness and understanding of refugee issues globally and locally?  Do you want to work on a project to raise awareness and understanding with others who may be less politically aware?    

Soc Wf 495A: Global to Local: Supporting Community Based Refugee Programming  (3 credits) 
This course focuses on a collaboration with a local organization serving refugees and delivers a "product" to the organization by the end of the quarter.  Through this process, we will develop a stronger understanding of working as a consultant to a local community-based organization and increase our appreciation of parameters of grassroots entities.    It’s anticipated that class members will bring different perspectives and talents hence as a group we will learn from each other while striving to most effectively accomplish our task.  Throughout the course we will also expand our understanding of refugee issues relevant to social workers.  Having an interest in group work and aspiring to deliver a beneficial product for a local organization are desirable characteristics.

Soc Wf 495 includes a series of guest speakers who will discuss different topics focused on refugees from the global context, to interviewing asylum seekers, and local resettlement services and issues.   We will also partner with two grassroots agencies and support three of their initiatives.  Students therefore will choose an assignment option that fits with their schedule while also working together for a larger group project.   A side benefit of the course and group project may be yummy food reflective of different cultures.   

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