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Ph.D. Candidate Brian Leung Featured in The Washington Post, "They fought for freedom in Hong Kong. Now, they must find it in exile"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on August 13, 2020 - 11:27am

"Jack’s political awakening began in 2014 when he joined an ultimately unsuccessful 79-day street occupation to demand the right for Hong Kong people to directly elect their leaders...On June 12, 2019, Jack was arrested, marked the start of more radical action. An opportunity came less than three weeks later, when, while out on bail, jack joined a group armed with sticks and metal railings and helped smash into the building that houses Hong Kong’s legislature."

"Also in the Legislative Council building that day was Brian Leung, who read out a manifesto on behalf of protesters calling for universal suffrage and democracy. Leung, a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, returned to Seattle the next day...'I thought I would just go back, be sent to jail for several months, and that would be a reasonable punishment,' Leung said in an interview, admitting such hope was misplaced...'There’s still an element of shock. I never thought that going to a street protest would make you end up as a refugee — it is still hard to swallow.'”

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