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Picture of Owen Oliver Owen Oliver Brings Indigenous Lens to UW March 11, 2021
Les Deplorables Book Cover New Book published by Professor Ronald Libby, Political Science Alumnus August 31, 2017
Professors Wilkerson, Thorpe, and Smith FIUTS Lecture: Making Sense of the US Election November 10, 2016
Professors Parker & Smith Discuss the 2016 Election at Seattle Town Hall  September 29, 2016
Smith Secular Faith Understanding the Role of Religion in American Politics June 27, 2016
Mark Smith Prof. Mark Smith cited in Christian Science Monitor on Religion vs. Science October 26, 2015
Trump Prof. Parker: If Goldwater can win the GOP nomination, why not Trump? September 17, 2015
Red Light to Starboard bookcover Former PhD student Angela Day's book Red Light to Starboard receives dual awards March 18, 2015
Legex screenshot John Wilkerson's "Legislative Explorer" highlighted in Washington Post's Monkey Cage March 6, 2015
Prof. Tony Gill interviewed on The Oregonian/OregonLive site: "Why is Congress overwhelmingly Christian with only one religious 'none'?" January 13, 2015
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker discusses policing and deteriorating race relations in the country on Background Briefing with Ian Masters December 8, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker on Berkeley, CA's community radio station December 2, 2014
Jeff Arnold and Megan Francis Faculty Spotlight: Jeffrey Arnold and Megan Francis November 25, 2014
John Wilkerson Prof. John Wilkerson's LegSim Project featured in Provost eTrends newsletter November 15, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker participates in the University of Virginia's Miller Center American Forum debate October 27, 2014
Prof. Lance Bennett on The Conversation website: "Connective action: the public's answer to democratic dysfunction" October 23, 2014
Prof. Parker in the Miller Center American Forum's National Debate Series, "If It Were Not for Big Central Gov't, I'd Be a Slave Right Now" October 20, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker on "Is There Such a Thing as 'Conservative Foreign Policy' in 2014?" (from Brookings Institution) October 15, 2014
Latino America book cover Prof. Matt Barreto's publishes new book: Latino America: How America's Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation October 1, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Parker work referenced and quoted on Washington Post Wonkblog's story, "95% of Republican House districts are majority-white" August 12, 2014
Prof. Christopher Parker on Brookings Institution website, "The (Real) Reason Why the House Won't Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform" August 4, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker on Scholars Strategy Network, "A Suicidal Republican War" June 30, 2014
Becca Thorpe Prof. Rebecca Thorpe in UW Today for her new book, The American Warfare State: The Domestic Politics of Military Spending June 30, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker interviewed on, "Tea Party's hot mess: Inside a noisy, disenchanted movement" June 25, 2014
Chris Parker Prof. Parker on Brookings Institution website, "Wither the Tea Party? The Future of a Political Movement" June 4, 2014